Coach Green

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Coach Greens P.E. Class


Foundations of Personal Fitness Syllabus

Week 1: Orientation, Fitness Gram

Week 2:  CPR

Week 3: Chp 1: Foundations of Personal Fitness: Why Should It Be Important to You?

Week 4: Chp 2: Making Physical Activity and Exercise Safe for You

Week 5: Chp 3 Designing Exercise Programs

Week 6: Chp 4Skill and Health Related Fitness

Week 7: Chp 5 Cardiovascular Fitness and You

Week 8: Chp 6 Your Flexibility

Week 9: Chp 7 Developing Muscular Strength

Weeks 10&11: Chp 8 Start Lifting-Safely and Correctly

Week 12: Chp 9 Your Body Composition

Weeks 13&14: Chp 10 Nutrition and Your Personal Fitness

Week 15: Chp 11 Shaping Your Current and Future Personal Fitness Program

Week 16:  Fitness Gram Post-Tests

Weeks 17&18: Review and Finals