Ms. Gilmore

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Gilmore

Hello! My name is Phyllis Gilmore. The 2016-2017 school year is my 10th year of teaching secondary mathematics, the majority of those years in Algebra I and Geometry. I love empowering young adults to take charge of their education, conquer their fear or dislike of math and make learning fun and applicable to everyday life!

I am a proud graduate of Klein High School c/o 2002 (go Bearkats!) and also Mary Baldwin College c/o 2006 (home of the Fighting Squirrels) where I obtained a bachelor's in Mathematics.

Course Description:
The big theme of this course is linear functions. Students need to understand the concept of function as a relationship between an independent and dependent variable, and distinguish between those with a constant rate of change (linear) and those without (nonlinear). Linear functions will be represented using tables, equations, graphs and with verbal descriptions. Students in this course will solve equations and inequalities involving linear expressions and translate among the various representations.


·     Prepared - Come to class prepared with notebook, pencil and      completed homework. Class will start immediately after the bell.

·      Respect - Respect for everybody and everything.

·      Integrity – Hold yourself to high expectations.

·      Dependability - Expect an assignment every day. Time will be given in class to begin homework.  Share responsibility with me in seeking help when confused.

·      Effort - If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Never give up!