Mrs. Lim

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Lim

My name is Mrs. Lim and I am your Algebra and Geometry teacher here at Nimitz Ninth.  I am also the Mathematics Department Chair.  This will be my twenty-ninth year in the classroom as a Math teacher.  The majority of my teaching experience has come from the high school; however, I have also taught middle school/junior high and college mathematics.  I am looking forward to working with all our Ninth Graders this school year.  My goal is to ensure that each student matures academically as his/her potential allows.  It has been my experience that academic and social growths are achieved most often by those students who are self-motivated and consistently strive for success.  Mathematics is a demanding subject that requires constant practice and work.  Therefore, I believe that each child will need to dedicate at least 30 minutes of their time to homework or just reading mathematical concepts on a daily basisTo achieve this goal, I expect my students to participate in class, work collaboratively with others, combined with the willingness to take risks, and to believe in themselves that there will be no limit to anyone's growth and achievement in the learning.

ALL of my students have access to Google Classroom.  Study Guide, Notes, Classwork and Homework are all posted in Google Classroom.  This would be my second year to go as paperless as possible; hence all assignments need to be turned into Google Classroom. 



Grade Guarantee
You have full control over your success. Test grades have the greatest impact on your ability to pass the course.  Hence, it is very important to practice math on a daily basis in addition to studying and being prepared for the test.  Daily assignment and Homework are the easiest to earn full credit as they are graded for completion for the most part. Bonus points and the ability to retest provide additional opportunities to control your grade. This is why I will not alter any grade after the fact nor do I offer additional assignments for extra credit.



Tutorial Days are as follows:  GEOMETRY - every Tuesday; ALGEBRA - every Thursday.  ALEKS - Monday thru Wednesday

Make sure that you get the pass from me prior to the day of the tutorial after school.