Ms. Brown

¡Bienvenidos a la clase d​e Español!

             Hablamos Español               

Here is where students learn proper Spanish, as well as learn about the various Spanish cultures around the world. This includes proper Spanish grammar, introductory vocabulary, common and useful phrases and expressions, verbs, verb conjugations, music, and culture. 

My class offers a relaxed learning environment where both native and non-native Spanish speaking students are challenged academically. Students' interests are frequently incorporated into the lessons, so that students can learn while doing the things that they enjoy. 

Our goal is for the students to have a firm comprehension of the basic concepts of the language, and to be able to use Spanish outside of the classroom. 

We're looking forward to a great year that yields exceptional results for the students. Check the calendar regularly for updates on what the students are doing. For any questions or comments I can be contacted by the contact information below.  

Conference Period: M-F 10:05 - 10:55am


Señorita Brown
Spanish 1
Nimitz 9th Grade