Ms. Sippy

Hello My Name Is...

Miss Sippy

I am from Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Life Sciences. I teach the Animal Science courses at the Ninth Grade and the High School. As Ninth Grade students are able to take the Principles of Agriculture course which is designed to expose students to the world of agriculture. The objective of the Principles class is to break stereotypes about agriculture, to open the eyes of students to the abundant possibilities before them.

Students will learn different career opportunities in agriculture as well as, qualities and characteristics that employers look for. While in this course students will also gain an understanding of the National FFA Organization from its beginning, to where the organization currently stands.  Throughout the year students will also gain a general understanding of plants, animals and welding techniques. This class is meant to help students expand their horizons and to help them hone in on their particular interests.