Mr. Preston

Mr. Preston

Coach Preston

Nimitz Ninth Grade Science Teacher

I've been a teacher at Nimitz for 25 years, the first 16 years I was a coach.

My philosophy of education is getting the students to believe in themselves first. I try to get the kids to give effort, commending them as they do so. I believe in teaching them how to make good choices and decisions (CDs); they will determine their future. I want students to visualize their future and what they want to become in life; reflect on the fact that they need to study in order to improve their chances for success. Lastly, each student will know that there is no limit to what they can achieve if hey believe in themselves and consistently work toward their goals.

As a teacher, my personal goals are to give students a better understanding of their purpose for education; a better opportunity. My hope is to help students develop respect for themselves and others as they become young adults.

-Victor Preston
Email: [email protected]