Ms. Marshall

Vickie Marshall, World Geography Inclusion Teacher and Prarie View A&M Graduate

My Philosophy of Teaching

Passion is one of the strongest emotions an educator can have for teaching. When a teacher is passionate about teaching, a student becomes passionate about learning. Throughout my teaching career the way students dress, the music that they listen to, and the way that they learn (using technology) has changed, but I have noticed that one thing remains the same. The students want to know that you care for them and that you have their best interest in heart.

Parents are an important part of their student’s success. Teachers should make sure that close communication is established at all times. In collaborating with parents, providing a caring, safe environment where students are actively engaged and expectations are high, students will become more confident in themselves. They will be able to reach their fullest potential in class and lessons learned will remain with them throughout all areas of their life.