Our Counselors
Ms. Wells
Ms. Ross

The Nimitz 9th Cougar Counseling Team joins hands with our staff, students, and parents “to produce the nation’s best” by helping students set personal and academic goals in order to  maximize their  potential at Nimitz 9th Grade

Bridges Program
The Bridges Program is a powerful web based software which helps students evaluate their interests, aptitudes, colleges, and careers.

Career Counseling/Programs of Study
Counselors help ninth grade students focus on goals after high school graduation.  Each student chooses a program of study that is aligned with courses needed to graduate from high school in an effort to combine academics and vocational education to produce college bound or work ready citizens.

Group Counseling
Group counseling will be provided including anger management, substance abuse, and self-esteem.

Students who are absent for 3 or more consecutive days may call Ms. Thomas by 8:00 am to request missed assignments.

Individual Counseling
Counselors meet individually with students who may be experiencing some difficulties in a variety of areas.

Pre-AP and GT
The counselors review standardized test scores in an effort to increase the Pre-AP and Gifted and Talented participation.

Four Year Plan

State law mandates that counselors meet with every parent to review their student's four year graduation plan and personal graduation plan (PGP). If you have not met with your child's counselor to review this information, please call to set up a phone conference or to make an appointment.

Graduation Plan
Counselors give presentations on the Foundation and Foundation with Endorsement graduation plans.  These plans prepare students for college and the world of work.

Personal Graduation Plans
Counselors develop a Personal Graduation Plan with all students.

Counselors facilitate transition from middle school to ninth grade and from ninth grade to high school.

VISA (Volunteers in School Activities)
The VISA program encourages volunteer efforts from parents, students, and the community.  Volunteer opportunities are available; such as,  special community projects, school organizations, and individual pursuits.

Educational Talent Search (TRIO)

The TRIO program is in conjunction with Lone Star College - North Harris whose primary goal is to give students the resources to graduate high school, get accepted into college, and graduate with a Bachelor's degree. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Students can sign up with to start earning money for scholarships as early as 9th grade. partners with colleges around the country, with 2-3 new colleges being added each week. Any high school student in the United States can earn scholarships for their good grades, their involvement in sports and clubs, and their community service hours.