Make a Difference: Donate School Supplies

Make a Difference: Donate School Supplies
Posted on 08/05/2018

Aldine ISD Board Member Dr. Kimberley Booker is asking businesses and community members to help students by taking part in the School Supply Drive set for Aug. 25 at the Campbell Center.

Trustee Dr. Kimberley Booker (click here) and her organization Young Ladies of Elegance (click here) are hosting a School Supply Drive. She hopes many will answer the call to service and make a difference in Aldine ISD.

The Board member wants businesses and community members to help students and teachers.

Kimberley-Booker.jpg“A prepared student is a successful student,” said Dr. Booker. “Students find success when the community is behind giving students what they need to learn. The education of our students is a partnership that I am happy to support and more than happy to reach out to help our kids. “I want families and students to know that Aldine is the district that cares!“

Did you know …
Almost all public school teachers — 94% — have spent some of their own money on school supplies without reimbursement, according to a survey done by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data, published in May 2018, was collected from 2014 to 2016.

The study found that schools with a higher percentage of students in free or reduced-price lunch programs also have teachers that pay more for school supplies on average. Teacher-Spending-on-School-Supplies-chart.jpg

Every year, the District has students that start the year without supplies. Dr. Booker hopes the drive will ensure all students to have what they need.

“When kids have the tools they need, it set a positive tone for the year,” said Dr. Booker. “They can feel good about school. It will also lift the weight off teachers worried about how they are going to provide their kids with the items they need to learn.”

School Supply Drive for Aldine ISD Teachers and Students

  • When: August 25
  • Where: M.O. Campbell Educational Center, 1865 Aldine Bender Rd., Houston, TX 77032 (view map)
  • Time: 2:30-5 p.m.
  • School Supply List for PreK, K & Grades 1-6: Visit the District website,, to view the lists (click here).
  • School Supply List for Grades 7-12: Contact a campus you would like to support (click here).
  • Note About Backpacks: All backpacks must be clear or mesh.
  • Contact: Dr. Kimberley Booker via phone @ (832) 366-3009 and email at or

Dr. Booker decided to hold the drive after the start of school. This will give teachers time to see where there is a need. Dr. Booker will work with campuses on dispersing the collected school supplies.

“Every one wants the same thing,” added Dr. Booker. “We want our kids to focus on their teachers and learning. We don’t want them distracted about whether or not they have a pencil, a crayon or paper to do their homework with. I hope that everyone that can help in this great cause will donate. Let’s give students the supplies they need to succeed in the classroom.”

Help make a difference. The children and teachers appreciate your donations!