Ms. Hernandez



  • Participate:  Participation is one of the most important parts of language learning.  You CANNOT acquire a foreign language without reading, writing, listening, and speaking it.  I encourage you to ask questions when you do not understand something.  Since the speaking of the language is so important, I will not tolerate ANY mocking of your classmates’ responses.

  • You must arrive to class on time. 

  • Come prepared to class. 

  • Be respectful of others. 

  • No cheating.  That includes copying or allowing another student to copy your answers on homework, quizzes, and tests.  Again, the use of an online translator is considered cheating Talking during a test or a quiz is also considered cheating.  All parties involved will receive a ZERO for the assignment or test, a referral, and parent notification.

  • No chewing gum, eating food, or drinking anything.  Throw it in the trash can as soon as you enter the room.  

  • You will receive 2 passes per marking period, which you may use to go to the restroom, main office, or guidance office. 


If you miss my class for some activities such as sports, clubs, or band, it is your responsibility to get the assignment.  This means that if an assignment is due on a Tuesday and you have a field trip that day, you still must turn in the assignment/homework.  If not, it will be considered late.

If you are absent from school and it is excused, you will have as many days to make up the work as you were absent.  If you are out of school for two days, you have only two days to make up all work.  I strongly advise you to stay after school.


You will be given class time to complete most homework assignments.  However, during the second week of school, I will be setting up Duolingo accounts for all students in my class.  You will be required to practice 40 minutes per week.  I will be checking completion of Duolingo homework Friday mornings, please complete the 40 minutes by Thursday evening so it is not late.  If you don’t have a smart phone or computer with internet accesses please notify me immediately to make accommodations.


I have tutorials in my classroom each Thursday after school from 2:45 to 5:00 pm.  This time is very helpful if you come prepare with questions.  Please ask for help as soon as you start to feel lost.  Do not wait.  

Spanish I

This course offers basic understanding of the Spanish language and exposure to

the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Introduction to basic vocabulary and

grammar will enable students to learn to discuss everyday topics such as family, school, numbers, time and weather.  Oral and written practices are stressed.


Spanish II

Prerequisite: Spanish I

This course continues the study of language skills important for everyday use.  The basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and understanding the culture are continued.  This course emphasizes grammatical concepts.


Spanish I & II Native Speakers

This course is designed for students whose home language is Spanish.  Students will be given the opportunity to expand their ability to comprehend, speak, read, and write Spanish in accordance with their linguistic and cultural strengths.