Dressed for Career Day Success

"Dressed for Career Day Success"
Posted on 04/10/2017

The Career and Technical Department sponsored the 2017 Career Day at Nimitz Ninth Grade on February 27th and 28th. The vision was, “Dressed for Career Day Success.” The Career Day was spearheaded by Ms. Stephanie Franklin, the Career and Technical Department Chair and Career Day Coordinator. The entire Career and Technical Department worked hard to make this two day event a huge success. It was a very exciting and educational two day event for all the students, teachers, and staff. The students were also encouraged to dress for career day success.

There were many community professional business leaders who took out their time to come and to speak and present to the students from Houston and New York City. Just to name a few; the community livestock management, Aldine ISD Fire Fighter and Rescue, Aldine employee leaders, airline pilots, veterinarians, engineers, financial advisors, waste management, and Aldine's own executive technology  director. Students listened attentively , asked questions, viewed the livestock animals, and were excited about learning about all of the different careers. Before the career day event, many students who came were not sure about what career they should pursue after graduation. However, by the time the career day event was over, those same students left with confidence in knowing what they wanted to pursue after high school. Students were motivated and ready to take on any challenge they needed in order to accomplish their goals.

The Career and Technical Department is committed to exposing students to different careers. In CTE programs, the students learn how core school subjects such as science, math, and writing; in conjunction with technology, engineering, and fine arts are used in real-life.

The purpose of this annual event was to motivate students by working closely with the community to help improve their educational outcome. Each student, teacher, staff, administrator, and business leader was essential to the success of this day. Our department is working to educate students on how a successful career is important. We need a strong voice from the community to help spread the message to our students that “Yes, you CAN achieve!” The students were given a chance to get a head start on preparing for college and careers.