Math Skills Specialist Ms. Land

Math Department Skills Specialist

Tina Land

Primary Purpose as Skill Specialist for Mathematics Department

  • Identify and provide teachers with appropriate interventions for students after analyzing data.

  • Provide teachers with input on content for specific  instructional materials and other needs for students with special academic needs.

  • Monitor the alignment of instruction with district and state requirements.

  • Model appropriate math lessons.

  • Dis-aggregate, analyze, and disseminate test data for instructional and decision making purposes.

  • Assist teachers in formulating and incorporating state curriculum standards, for example (TEKS, ELPS) into lesson plans and instruction.

  • Work cooperatively with the campus administration team and district curriculum program directors, developing goals and objectives for the purpose of enhancing the campus instructional program.


  • Knowledge of core academic subject assigned.

  • Knowledge of state curriculum standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) and STAAR/EOC reporting categories.

  • Ability to model effective content (specific instructional strategies).

  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.


I have worked as an educator for 33 years and will now be completing 34 years, after this year.  My experience also includes teaching at the middle school level for 16 years. I taught  8th grade Math and Algebra I and served as a Team Leader for my team.

I received a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Leadership (Mid-Management), from Stephen F. Austin State University and attended Prairie View A&M University, majoring in Pure Mathematics.

Professional Growth and Development:

It is important to me as an educator to attend appropriate conferences and staff development activities to improve job-related skills. Also, for professional growth and development I participate in  faculty meetings and serve on staff committees. As an educator, I am continually seeking self-improvement, and as a person, I am a life-long learner.

My Philosophy as an Educator:

I am grateful to be an educator, especially one who is not only fully but joyfully equipped to provide classroom teachers with the necessary skills to be outstanding in their career.  The love I have for my field, my high expectations, as well as the caring attitude I have for this rewarding career all make me an outstanding Skills Specialist. I want to see teachers maximize their potentials to be able to help all students succeed and become life-long learners.